Diving is one of the primary extreme sports. For people who consider diving in Turkey, Antalya is without a doubt one of the best routes for diving. Therefore, registering in a diving institute, participating in diving tours in Antalya provide opportunities to learn diving wholly. You can find diving institutes, courses for reasonable prices and earn your certificate of many different levels.

Diving lovers who decided to spend their vacation and people interested in diving, diving is like going into a mysterious, thrilling, adventurous, colorful world that exists underwater. Diving should be done after a certain level of training. Provider of this unique journey, diving, is split up in two as free diving and scuba diving. These dives are also categorized according to the breathing tools. There are many points to know about diving before going for diving. If you are a beginner and want to participate in a diving institute in Antalya, these are just for you.

Diving is usually associated with free diving. Free diving is the most known way of diving. Based on diver’s physical condition, it happens in different depths and durations. Even though it can be done without any equipment, schnorkels and fins are main equipment of free diving. The mask helps us find our way during diving, schnorkel helps us breathe without coming surface and fins help us swim more comfortably and faster. Free diving is usually done in shallow waters with the help of a rope. It has sub-categories such as jump blue and no-limits apnea. Unlike free diving, scuba diving is done with equipment, requires various training, has many rules.

It is done with two people, pre-decided depth and on condition that is in accordance to time limits. If significant training on breathing techniques, underwater direction finding, underwater language isn’t provided, severe danger is inevitable. Usually, it is preferred to be done with a team in the first stage.For diving safety, diving equipment is required, and materials must be complete. Materials for diving consist of durable, high quality special clothing and professional equipment. One of them is diving clothes especially made for diving. These are wetsuits, goggles, gloves, watches, bonnets, vests, etc. Commonly, clothes made of rubber and neoprene is used. Swimsuits and diving t-shirts can be worn inside these clothes that can be also found as jumpsuits and half-jumpsuits. Diving clothes are designed for different heights and weights, waistline, bust, hip sizes. Everybody should find their own size and wear the suitable clothing.

The main equipment for scuba diving, the breathing apparatus, doesn’t contain only oxygen. Additional to oxygen, it has gases like nitrogen, carbon dioxide, neon, argon, methane, helium, hydrogen, ozone, krypton, nitric oxide. It contains the tube’s 21%. Breathing apparatuses have capacities of 12, 15 or 18 liters. Factors such as the diver’s weight, dress thickness, the range of depth are indicators of how heavy the apparatus should be. There are also other materials like regulator, schnorkel, fins and diving engine. Different fins used for free diving and scuba diving. Free diving fins are tall and slim, scuba diving fins are short. Diving engines usually used for scuba diving. Diving lovers’ fans provide impulse, and engines are quite light. As for the regulator, regulator is used in scuba diving and takes on the task of reducing the pressure to a respirable measure. Some regulators also show depth alongside with pressure and spare air sources can be connected to them. Schnorkels help breathing underwater and usually used with diving goggles and masks. For free diving, these are used to observe the surroundings. But schnorkels are mostly used in scuba diving. If your materials absolute, and you decided which way to dive, you can now choose between cave, discovery, wreck, night, or deep diving. If everything is in order, you are ready to dive. If you would like to have an extensive and professional diving training, it is best to register to a diving institute. Diving training will enhance your knowledge and spark your curiosity more in diving. As a result of your training, you can earn a diving certificate and proceed to become a professional diver. Choosing a diving institute in Antalya could be a nice start for that.

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