You registered to a diving school in Antalya, you want to participate in a diving certificate program or just want to try diving to satisfy your curiosity… Deep dives, cave dives, discovery dives, night dives, wreck dives… How thrilling all of these are. Antalya is a very attractive place to find a suitable diving center and for other things you would like to do before and after diving. But for your journey and diving process to be decent and sound, there are some beneficial points to make.

Before you jump to the deep waters of Antalya, no matter your choice of vehicle, you must rest well pre-dive. Sleeping well is among the priorities. Then, no matter which center, Konyaaltı, Kaleiçi, Belek, Kundu, you have several options to rest at Stingray Diving Center. If you want to have a nice meal and have some fun, you must watch out for what you eat. You must stay away from fatty and heavy dishes. Not only fatty and heavy dishes exhaust your stomach but also, they stay in your body as fat, and this will make it harder to drive the nitrogen out of your body during the dive. You must also stay away from fizzy drinks. As these drinks will cause bloating, gas entrapment, bad taste in the mouth and burping, it is best to avoid.

While you must drink a lot of water pre-dive, you must also stay away from alcohol. Many diving lovers think that drinking alcohol doesn’t have any effect pre-dive and continue to consume them. But this isn’t accurate. More than 50 research conducted show that 80% of diving accidents like drowning is caused by alcohol that had been consumed right before the dive or the night before. Most of the casualties are adult men. During diving, alcohol shakes the central nervous system, hence messing a person’s competence of decision-making and judging, breaking their concentration, shortening the length of reaction to external stimulus. The fact that alcohol causes dehydration and fatigue also create many problems. Instead of consuming that, water should be replacing the alcohol so the bloodstream could be more active, and dehydration doesn’t occur during diving. You must also stay away from smoking since smoking breaks the regularity of the bloodstream and decrease the capacity of oxygen keeping.

Doing activities such as exercising, cardiovascular movements, meditation and yoga protects your oxygen capacity during diving, but is also quite beneficial for your general health. If there are no problems with your physical and mental health, now it is time to talk about the importance of checking your diving equipment. Stingray Diving gives the guarantee of cleaning, caring, and checking your equipment. After checking your diving partner, you are almost ready to dive. If you have previously worn your neoprene wetsuit, don’t wait under the sun, this will cause you to lose water and feel tired. As a matter of fact, if you still haven’t dived, it is for the best for you to take off your wetsuit. Lastly, you must check the air sources, if the regulator is working and the air of your apparatus from the manometer.

All these preliminary information and controls are made in Stingray Diving Center for you. You should get the required information from diving center’s boat crew and pay attention to the necessary rules. If you have done all of these, you are ready to dive. Every diving program has its own order. Cave dives, wreck dives, discovery dives, night dives, deep dives are all different from each other. They all have distinctly unique, magical parts, guarantee pleasure in discovering sea’s deep waters and offer a different taste of that colorful world. Enjoying a diving center in Antalya will give you a wonderful time with regards to your certificate program, knowledge you acquire, experience, and discover Antalya’s beauty.