Wreck Diving

St. Didier Franch wreck ship diving (ANTALYA)

– It is the shipwreck of the French warship (Society) located under the buoy, 1 km away from Antalya Yacht Harbor.
-It is a ship sunk with torpedoes thrown by British warplanes on 4 July 1941.
-St. The shipwreck Didier is 30 meters deep and is in the south side.
-The length of the ship is 110 meters and its width: 15 meters. Diving is done from the buoy in front of the marina.
-The deck of the ship starts at a depth of about 18 meters and ends at 30 meters from the base.
-Divers with 1 and 2 star diving certificates can dive.
-Diving time is 2-3 hours.

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